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What is Life Connections’ Mission?

Life Connections is a faith-based coaching service, committed to helping you discover your unique design, using it to make career decisions and build healthy relationships in your family, work environment  and ministry.

Who is the Life Connections Coach?

Lois Hoogeveen utilizes both her passion and training for helping people in their personal and professional development as she invests into the lives of each person she coaches.

What Does Life Connections Offer?

  • Personal and professional encouragement for women, couples, ministry staff and organizational teams.
  • Tools to help individuals and teams discover their gifts, talents and strengths followed by  focused discussions to help them discern the impact these have on their core values, decision-making processes, relational style and personal contentment.
  • Guidance for  individuals and teams through the process of brainstorming, strategizing, organizing, planning and implementing action steps.

What is Life Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership between a healthy person and a person devoted to helping others move forward in their career, ministry and family relationships. In this partnership you will receive personalized attention to help you develop your individual skills, gifts and passions in order to enrich your personal, emotional and spiritual life.

Coaching is a relationship between you and a person who is committed to listening to you, helping you more deeply understand yourself and encouraging you to set goals and make decisions that will enrich and transform your personal and professional life.

Coaching is a process by which you may grow in understanding your unique behavioral styles, interests and needs. Your life coach will help you identify what you contribute to an organization and what is important to you as you work with others. Your coach will guide you as you navigate through situations in your life, helping you identify your responsibility and response, support you in the steps you determine to take and celebrate your accomplishments.

Coaching is an opportunity to openly talk about changes, challenges and dreams with a person who will give you undivided attention and ask you thought-provoking questions to help you draw from your own values, passion, creativity and resources.

Who Will Benefit From Life Coaching?

  • Individuals who are making relational or vocational decisions.
  • Couples who want to enrich their relationship.
  • Organizations who utilize the best assets of both current and new employees.
  • Ministry teams and Christian organizations who want to empower people to use their strengths, talents, and spiritual gifts.
  • Church staff and boards who want to build ministry capacity.

Are You Coachable?

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